Acne: The Location of Acne on the Face Turns Out a Sign of Serious Health Problems

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Acne: Check out the explanation of the location of a pimple on someone’s face which turns out to indicate your health problem.


Pimples appear on the face is a natural thing for oily skin types.

But there are also those that often appear in the same place.

Reported by the Bright Side, the appearance of acne can be related to internal organ problems and to various serious diseases.

Here are seven locations for pimples on the face that can be a sign of a serious health problem.

Bright Side

1. Acne in the Eyebrow Area (Nose)

If the answer appears in the eyebrow area or at the base of the nose, this indicates liver or liver problems.

This can happen if the body consumes too much alcohol, unhealthy fatty foods, or drugs.

2. Acne under the eyes

With a position under the eyes is indeed the most common.
Often appears in the same place, this is related to kidney problems or adrenal glands.

3. Acne on cheeks

Pimples appear on the cheeks also often occur.

If pimples appear on the cheeks, the body is in digestive problems, or the stomach area is like an ulcer.

4. In the Middle and Bottom of the Cheek

Acne in this position can be caused due to lung damage.

The right cheek is responsible for the right lung and vice versa.

Lung disease can also cause red spots or problems with capillaries.

5. Acne on the lips

That appears in the area of ‚Äčthe lips is a signal of cardiovascular problems.

Cardiovascular is a form of health problem that interferes with the heart and blood vessels.

The emergence of is not necessarily a serious problem.

Immediately consult a doctor if pimples appear in the same location too often.