How to choose the best domain for your web page

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Normally, when we want to visit the website of a well-known brand, it is enough to enter its name in the address bar of our browser and add .com to access the web page we are looking for.

With these steps, you will almost always find a website that is intended. And just this way of acting must take into account you when choosing the domain for your website. If you succeed with a good domain, you ensure that users locate your site more easily. In this article, we explain how you get it.
How to choose the best domain for your web page
To begin with, it is very important that you determine what type of audience. You are going to and at what level (local, regional, national or international) you are going to work. So, for example, ending .es would be the appropriate extension if your target audience is in Spain. If the focus of your website is more international. we recommend choosing a domain with a more global ending, such as .com or. net.

How to find the right domain
You must be very clear about the purpose of your web page. Are you creating a web page for your company, for your group of friends or a blog? The key to finding the right address is to have a clear idea of the type of page that will be created as well as the search criteria that visitors must use to find it from their search engines.

Business pages
In this case, the name of your company must appear in the domain. This is the way your customers recognize your brand. In addition, it is not only a fundamental element for your visitors but also a crucial criterion for Google searches.

If the name of your company is too long. Then it would be worth shortening it or looking for an abbreviation. With a name that is easy to remember, the chances of success will increase exponentially.

Local initiatives
Are you writing a blog about a certain region? Do you have an organic fruit market in your area? In these cases, it would make sense to include the name of the region or city. As a general rule, we can affirm that if the local reference is part of the business strategy. Including it in the domain can contribute to success.

For example, if you work as a wedding photographer in Granada, the domain is too general. If, on the other hand, you decide on, the recognition value will increase among your audience, which also translates into a better positioning by Google.

Blogs and personal projects
In the case of personal or professional blogs, it is advisable to think of your website as a brand. What is the most representative of your “brand”? The main feature can be the theme (travel, sports, books, etc), yourself, or something more general like the name of your blog.

For example, for the domain of a blog about your own recommendations on how to paint in watercolors, you could include the word “watercolor” in your domain. This is how the owner of Tete CafeCotura has done it. In her domain, this user of Jimdo has entered the name of her activity (“sewing”):

The same applies to a page about a hobby. The visitor must know through the domain what is going to find on the website. Therefore, as far as possible, you should integrate the name of your activity in your domain, something that Google will also value positively.

The domain is no longer available
You already have the perfect domain for your website, but when you check its availability, it turns out that it is no longer free. It’s okay, you still have other options:

Separate words with hyphens (maximum two words)
– Try some abbreviation or shorten the name
– Add your city or region
– Enter words like “blog” or “store”
Remember that the most important thing is to achieve a unique domain. We strongly discourage changing the domain extension. If you have thought of .es, try not to change to .net or .info, since these endings are less known and it is very likely that users type .es by habit and end up accessing other pages that have nothing to do with yours.
Another very simple and sometimes extremely effective option is to ask your family or friends. Your more objective and external perspective can serve as inspiration and help you find a much more accurate domain that otherwise would not have occurred to you.

Domains with keywords and exact match domains
A few years ago, the trend was to choose the so-called domains with keywords to get a good ranking among Google results. The idea was to match the keywords that the user entered when making a search in Google with the domain. In this case, the wedding photographer in Granada would have chosen a domain “”. However, Google currently identifies these domain names as spam, so we recommend not using this method.

Another option that is always shuffled are the exact match domains. These also include one or two keywords, but it is not advisable to try to emulate a complete search when choosing. An example of an exact match domain could be

The first thing you should consider is if your domain reflects what you offer on your website. An exact match name can sometimes work very well and can be a good choice for the wedding photographer. However, if you have your own name, your brand or your organization, it is important to add it to the domain.

Final recommendation
Make sure that the domain is valid with the passage of time and can continue to represent your company, blog or hobby in the future. When you are deciding which name to choose, do not think only about the positioning of your website in the search engines. Your domain must be unique and above all, it must adapt to you, your site and, of course, your customers and visitors.