How to Enter the Windows 10 boot options

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How to Enter the Windows 10 boot options. The way to enter the advanced boot options of Windows 10 depends on whether or not you get into Windows. Follow the appropriate steps according to your case. You will be able to access those options even if Windows does not start because of a failure or whatever the reason.
How to Enter the Windows 10 boot options
Case 1: If Windows works
1. Click on the Windows Start menu and choose Settings.

2. The configuration window opens. Click on it in the Update and recovery option. Then click on the left link Recovery.

3. Locate the “Advanced Start” line on the right and click on the Restart now button below.

4. Windows restart on its own. Then an options window is displayed. Choose among them the one that says Solve problems.

5. A screen opens where you can choose to restore and restore the PC. They are Windows 10 repair options. You will also see the Advanced Options button. Click on it to show them.

6. Click on this link to find out what options are available and how to use them.

Case 2: If you can not enter Windows
1. Restart the PC several times in a row (between 2 and 4 times) using the reset button and without allowing Windows to load.

2. That should start the Windows automatic repair. If the bug is not resolved like this, Windows will give you several options. The normal thing is that one of them is the Advanced Options button. Click on it. Then click on Solve problems and then on Advanced options on the next screen.

That is the easiest way to enter the options when Windows does not start. If it does not work for you, you will need ONE of these three things in Windows 10:

Installation CD
Windows ISO. Click on the link to see how to burn an ISO to USB or CD.
USB boot yours. Create it as I explain here on any PC with your same Windows 10 even if it is not yours.

In one way or another, you will get a Windows CD or USB with which to start the computer. Then follow these steps:

1. Configure the PC to boot from the CD or USB that you have created.

2. When you boot from the CD you see the message Press any key to start from the CD or DVD. Press the key quickly. If you do not have time to do it, restart the PC and try again.

3. When starting with a Windows USB, you can get a message or not. It depends on the case. Press a key quickly if a message asks (maybe it’s in English). If no message appears, wait without touching anything to display the window about language and format options.

4. In both cases, you have started from CD or USB, the language window opens. Choose Spanish in your three drop-down lists if you are not already chosen. Proceed with Next.

5. In the new window click on the left on Repair the equipment.

6. An options window opens. Click on Solve problems. The next screen lets you enter the options to restore and restore the PC. Also in the Advanced Options. Click on that button if you want to access them.